Veg Spring Rolls with Duck Sauce

Veg Spring Rolls -

Veg Spring Rolls with Duck Sauce. This recipe involves NO EGGs. These are crispy-colored spring rolls. This recipes makes for four persons.

Veg Spring Rolls with Duck Sauce

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Ingredients for colorful veg spring rolls

• All purpose flour ( Maida) -_ 3 Cup
• Food Color Red
• Food Color Green
• Cabbage – 1/2
• Carrot -2
• Bell pepper Red -1
• Green Bell Pepper -1
• Yellow Bell pepper -1
• Onion -1
• Ginger Garlic Paste – 1Tbsp
• Oil- 6-8 Tbsp
• Spring Onion 5
• Soya Sauce – 2Tsp
• Vinegar -4 Tbsp
• Ghee -2 Tbsp
• Filo Pastry Sheet (spring Roll Wrapper} 3
• Green Chili Pepper – 4
• Salt – 3 tsp (to Taste)
• Turmeric 1 Tsp
• Red Chili Pepper – 1Tsp
• Corn starch – 2 Tsp
• Apple _2

Directions for colorful veg spring rolls

Making Filo sheet or Wrapper

  1. Divide All-purpose flour into two parts
  2. Add Green and Red food color to each part
  3. Add water and little oil and make two separate Color Dough
  4. Make round Roti/Sheets (see video)
  5. Assemble these round Roti one over the other, applying a layer of ghee and Maida dust (a layer of 3 or six Rotis
  6. Now roll over and increase the size a little more
  7. Slightly bake the set of Roti together at low heat; this will make it easy to separate. Filo sheets are ready

Let us prepare the filling,

  1. Put a little (1 Tsp) oil in Frypan, add all the vegetables already cut in Julian shape. Saute at high heat. Add salt and spices, Soya Sauce, Vinegar, and 1 Tsp corn starch to make the filling dry
  2. Assemble Filling into Filo sheets (see Video)
  3. Ready-made Filo Sheets can also be used (see Video)
  4. Deep fry all spring roll at medium heat

Making Duck Sauce

  1. Cut Apple, Onion,
  2. In a frying pan, add a little oil, Onion, Cut Apple. After 1 minute, add sugar and spices and cook till tender
  3. Blend the mixture, add a little corn starch and cook for a minute, add vinegar (See video). The smooth Duck sauce is ready

Serve hot with Duck sauce or Chutneys. Enjoy Delicious Spring Rolls.

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