Fafda, Kadhi and Papaya Chutney | Sarala’s Cooking

Fafda, Kadhi and Papaya Chutney | Sarala's Cooking | saralagupta.com

This Fafda, Kadhi, and Papaya Chutney recipe is easy to make. It is the perfect snack item for any occasion.
Fafda is a popular Gujarati vegan snack. It is a fried, crispy, crunchy, tasty snack made with besan (gram flour), laced with carom seeds and black pepper. Kadhi goes very well with Fafda. It is also called Fafda chutney. It is made with besan, yogurt, and various spices. Papaya Chutney is made with unripened papaya. It is a great accompaniment for Fafda.

Fafda, Kadhi and Papaya Chutney | Sarala’s Cooking

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INGREDIENTS for Fafda, Kadhi and Papaya Chutney

• Besan – 1 cup
• Salt – 4 Tsp (To taste)
• Papad Khar- ½ Tsp
• Cumin Seed- 2 Tsp
• Ajwain- 2 Tsp
• Oil – 8 Tbsp
• Hing – 2 Tsp
• Curry Leaves- 8-10
• Green Papaya- 1 small
• Green Chili – 10
• Green Chili Paste – 2 Tsp
• Rai (mustard)- 1 Tsp
• Red Chili – 2-3
• Sugar- 3 Tsp
• Lemon – 1
• Amchur- 2Tsp

DIRECTIONS for Fafda, Kadhi and Papaya Chutney

  1. Making Fafda Dough -In a bowl, take Besan, add Ajwain, Turmeric, Salt, Oil and mix. Add water as needed and make medium Soft Dough (See Video)
  2. From this dough make a small oblong shape ball, keep it on board spread it into strips, and remove gently (see Video), this is Fafda
  3. In a frying Pan, add oil and fry Fafda at medium heat (see Video)
  4. Making Green Papaya Chutney— Peel Papaya ad shred. Add oil in a Frying Pan, add Cumin seed, Curry Leaves, Turmeric, Salt to taste, Add shredded Papaya, a little water. Saute and cook till it is tender. Papaya Chutney is ready
  5. Making Besan Kadhi – In a bowl mix Besan in Water, stir well. In a frying Pan Add oil, Cumin Seed. Red Chili, Curry Leaves, Saute, and add Besan curry. Cook to thin liquid and Besan Kadhi is ready. Add Lemon juice and stir well
  6. Making semi fried Green Chili—Cut Green Chili lengthwise, Carefully fry, add Amchur and salt (see Video)
  7. Everything is Ready. Enjoy Fafda with Green Papaya Chutney, Besan Kadhi, and tasty fried Green Chili

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